Starhug, the hug that reaches across the universe into the depths of the stratosphere! Available in the UK now at Walter Henry's in Bideford, Devon.

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A book inspired to hope, heal and best of all hug!

Starhug is a soulful and magical book for all ages and follows a star and sea star connecting through an emotional journey. Their story beautifully weaves compassion, courage, diversity and more for young hearts, while resonating powerful messages for the young at heart. Starhug is a cherished book to fill any inner child's heart with gratitude for each other and this wonderful world we live in, and reminds us the power and comfort of a hug!

Even if we can't hug as much these days, the story will inspire you to reach out to each other and hopefully uplift your spirits.

Starhug Board Book!

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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

Starhug is a beautiful and powerful story for all ages. With so many of us feeling separated from loved ones, feeling lonely and unconnected in this uncertain times in our lives, this book is bound to resonate with all. As a mother and teacher, I will forever use this beloved story to teach my children to recognize their own feelings and to have empathy for others. Most importantly, sometimes we really need is a good hug.

Lacey B. (Mom and Teacher)

There are books you buy for your children and you want to keep them forever. Starhug is one of those books.

Chelsea N. (Mom and Health Care Worker)

Even after a few days, I was still thinking about the story of Starhug. Now that’s a sign of a great children’s book!

Christine H. (Grandmother & Retired Elementary School Teacher of 35 years)

I know a friend going through a hard time and would love this book!

Sukyoung K. (Mom and Social Worker)